Wednesday, January 27, 2010

update to a kid in a bed

Just laugh at us now. Clearly you knew when you read the last post that our quiet bliss would be short lived. And it was.

Less than five minutes after Michael posted, Kalea woke up yelping. We got that taken care of & I was finishing up dinner dishes & heard the pitter patter of little feet. Now, Kalea hasn't even mastered rolling over yet, much less pitter pattering, the cats were passed out on the sofa & Michael, well, he thumps. Up the steps came our Cassidy. "Mama. Wake" (translation: Mama, I'm awake.) Ummm, no. Back to bed she went. 8:42 pm.

Dishes were finished, ice cream was scooped, Kalea was content on Michael's lap & we were watching TV. Again, pitter patter. Cassidy waltzed out of our bedroom & handed me the water bottle that was on my night stand. "Mama...dink?" she said with a straight face. Obviously that was the only reason she was out of bed. Mama was thirsty & she was there to help. (translation: Mama, do you want your drink?) I almost laughed out loud. Back to bed she went. Michael sat with her until she fell asleep. 9:47 pm.

Around 11, the rest of us went to bed. Cassidy woke up crying at 12:48 & Michael went to snuggle her. Meanwhile Kalea woke up & I fed her. Michael tried to sneak out but Cassidy woke up hysterical as soon as he moved. Somehow they both end up on the floor, but she got back in bed. The next time her breathing slowed & she drifted off he tried to leave. She sat up in bed & said, "No Dada!" Try, try again. She finally fell asleep. 2:06 am.

The past two nights have been a little bit better. She was asleep by 10:30 both nights & only woke up once last night but went right back to sleep when Michael found her paci for her. We've moved from sitting beside her bed to sitting in her rocking chair in her room until she falls asleep. The plan is to try that for a while & then move a little further away - maybe right outside the door & then eventually nothing. We'll see. We even tried those childproof door knob things so she wouldn't be able to get out of her room but she figured it out within minutes. Wish us luck. And send some extra snoozes our way. Please.

(more pictures here)

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