Friday, January 22, 2010

sick babies are no fun

Someone please tell the on-call pediatrician at our practice that, "Smiling babies usually don't end up in the hospital" is not a reassuring statement.

Yesterday evening both girls ended up at the doctor. Cassidy was sneezing & had a stuffy nose. Kalea had a fever, was sneezing, stuffy &, as the doctor wrote on her chart, moderately miserable. When the fever hit 100.1, off we went. As it ends up they both have an upper respiratory viral infection. The pediatrician, who was attempting to comfort me (but not well!), said it'll just take a few days to ride out. It's been a moderately miserable 24 hours of crying, snot, projectile spit & Infant Tylenol. She's cute anyhow.

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