Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a video or two...

We've been hanging out enjoying some quiet time (well, relatively so with toddler + newborn!) before the house fills up for Thanksgiving. This past weekend it snowed & accumulated enough to stick for the first time this season. Michael & Cassidy played outside for a little while; Jackie & Kalea stayed inside where it was warm & cozy.

We're slowly preparing to have 12 people stay in our little house for a long Thanksgiving weekend - getting shopping lists together for the big day, checking the air mattress for leaks...we even purchased a 2nd fridge! Jackie is going shopping later this week, so put in any requests now! Cassidy is busy this week making the table decorations. Construction paper + empty toilet paper rolls + glue + feathers = happy, messy toddler! Any guesses on what the end product will be?

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The Little Fishers said...

I'm so excited that you get to host a Thanksgiving feast in your home! It sounds fun, a little chaotic, but fun.