Friday, October 16, 2009

fall update

We've been adjusting to being a family of four for the past few weeks. Kalea is growing & doing well, Cassidy likes to 'help momma' with everything from cooking to housework to diaper changes & Jackie & Michael are re-learning to function on less sleep.

Kalea has been a pretty easy baby so far. She's still a little mixed up on her days & nights, but is starting to sleep almost 4 hours for one stretch during the night. She eats like a champ & burps like a 13 year old boy. It's funny to remember all the little newborn the squeaking & sighing, just how small they are &, my personal favorite, projectile poo. We went for her 2 week well child check this week & she's up to 7 lb 14 oz & completely healthy (& adorable according to our pediatrician!).

Cassidy has adjusted pretty well so far to sharing Mommy & Daddy's attention. We still have a few outbursts a day over random things like needing a particular spoon for lunch, but, in all fairness, she is only 2! She's growing up fast though. Lately her vocabulary has just exploded & she's putting more words together into phrases as well as getting better at identifying simple shapes & colors. Last week she counted to 5 while helping sort & fold her cloth diapers. (I was floored!) Today she went #2 on the potty for the first time. We haven't been pushing potty training since we knew there would be a lot of adjustments this fall, but I think this may be an indication that she's about ready. Wish us luck!

It's looking a lot like fall here & we're enjoying our favorite season. This past Monday we headed over to Gardner Village where there are lots of fun, seasonal shops, fall decor, pumpkins & fun stuff for kids. Kalea slept through most of the visit, but Cassidy had a ball at the petting zoo & riding a pony. Jackie enjoyed the fudge shop the most - Nutella fudge! It's the best invention ever. And, Michael got a glimpse of the mom's with strollers world of a daytime outing with a toddler & a baby! We're really enjoying Michael's new work schedule. He's now working 10 hour days Tuesday through Friday & has off every Monday. While Jackie is on maternity leave, it's like having a three day weekend! (And when Jackie goes back to work part-time, it means that Michael will watch the girls on Monday while Jackie is at the office & then Jackie will be home with them the rest of the week - so no childcare costs...although we love & miss Jen!) Hopefully the trial period goes well & it will be a permanent change for his company.

We've been taking lots of pictures & video clips, so check out our Picasa page to see them! Just click here!

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B j M said...

It sounds like everything is going great with Kalea. We do miss Cassidy. I can't believe how big she is getting! She is such a cutey we sure miss her!