Tuesday, June 16, 2009

19 months & a trip to Georgia

What a nice vacation! We spent the week in Georgia visiting friends in Atlanta & family in Macon. Cassidy did great on the flights in her very own seat. We took the car seat on the plane & she was content to draw & play & nap without a fuss. I highly suggest the car seat option to anyone - it made a world of difference now that she's a little older. We're back to the real world this week but work just isn't nearly as relaxing as playing in the pool or relaxing at Poppy & Gran's house. We did a few exciting things while we were visiting, including a trip to a strawberry patch that is nearby. The farm also had cows, chickens, peacocks & goats to see. Cassidy had a good time feeding one of the baby goats. She even gave it a kiss when it was time to go. Of course I had just turned off the camera a moment before - but it was definitely cute! During the week Cassidy had a great time getting to know her cousins Sidney, Rachel & Saige. By the end of the week they were the best of friends - now at home she keeps pointing to their pictures on the refriegerator & 'saying' their names. It's a good thing we took lots of pictures & can look at them often. We can't wait to see everyone again at Christmas!

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