Tuesday, April 14, 2009

news & notes

A random few notes for the week...

Cassidy has finally grown into the boots that her Uncle James saved from when Michael was a little kid. He helped her walk around in them a little over the weekend. I have to say, it was pretty funny to watch her clunk around the house.

And, just to prove that we don't only take pictures of Cassidy...here's one with her Daddy & his new hat.
We celebrated Easter this weekend with egg dying, egg hunts, new books & brunch at church on Sunday. Cassidy 'got' the concept of finding eggs with a practice round in the living room with Daddy on Saturday evening.

Then on Sunday she held her own with all the big kids at church. She got all dressed up in her new dress & showed off to all the ladies church who like to tell her how adorable she is.Cassidy & Jackie will be traveling to PA this Saturday for a short stay prior to a conference outside of Washington D.C. Hope to see many of you while we're there!

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