Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1st ponytail!

This weekend I attempted the first major obstacle of motherhood to a girl - the ponytail. I did question a few wiggly minutes into the process if I was cut out to be the mommy of a little girl, but, after discovering both a water spray bottle to make the very wispy hair easier to manage & a few distraction devices, it did get done. Not too bad for a first try, huh? Maybe we'll go for pigtails in a week or so! Here are a few other pictures!

That night Cassidy enjoyed a new favorite for dinner - spaghetti! Delicious! Although after she was finished she couldn't wait to get the goo off of her hands - she kept reaching up toward me with a little pathetic look on her face. Hopefully this phase of liking to clean up will stick, right?

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