Thursday, January 27, 2011

project 365 photo: 01.27.2011

mommy's favorite hat. she's been wearing it since she was 6 months old!
I may have a little bias to this assessment, but I think this girl is the most beautiful 1-day-shy-of-16-month-old in the world. Even if she does have peanut better all over her face. And hands. And shirt. And she insisted on wearing her hat while she ate lunch. Maybe she's just more fashion forward than her mother. It doesn't take much.

And, although Kalea is 1-day-shy-of-16-months-old, I have the time today to tell you how she's doing. I mentioned the other day that she had her 15-month well child check. Everything went well. Physically & developmentally she's on target for all the milestones.

She's talking all.the.time. There is certainly a lot of babble nonsense, but she clearly says mama, dadeeeeeee! (nearly always with an exclamation point. girl loves her daddy), up, baby, ball & kitty (generally while in chase of poor gus). She also, not as clearly but understood in context, says thank you, bless you, here you go, Cassidy & all-y all. So, we're definitely moving toward communication. I'm actually surprised she hasn't started using the all time toddler favorite, "No!" Not that I'm complaining or anything. Another fun developmental milestone has been actual pretend play with her sister. She's beginning to get the concept of using toys or objects, like a mixing bowl & spatula, for their intended purpose. My favorite is when the girls "play princess boat." Yes, they made that one up. It involves tutus, a chicken wand (I have no idea how to describe it. Perhaps it will make a guest appearance for a future project 365 photo.), a fish wand & an upside down pink princess tent. Obviously.

Physically the major milestone for this age is walking (check.) Kalea is getting more sure on her feet each day & a little overconfident for mommy's liking sometimes. Like on the steps. Besides walking we're working on catching a ball & throwing it back as well as assembling & taking apart everything possible. The current favorite is to disassemble the entire tupperware cabinet. I bet you wouldn't believe just how many lids there are to take off in there.

I know I say it every month, but is sure is hard to believe how fast my little snuggle bug is growing up.

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Ratz said...

I am sure she is gonna get to all of her milestones... she is an amazing baby... so happy....