Friday, June 11, 2010

summertime bucket list

Tiffany at Mom-Nom.Com had a great post recently about her bucket list. Like her, I don't plan to make an exit anytime soon, but thought I should finally put into writing the things I really ought to, or want to, in my lifetime.  However, these days I'm thinking a little more short term, so, I'll start with my summertime bucket list like Beth did over at Beth: A Work In Progress. In no particular order...
  1. Eat local working on this one weekly. check it out here
  2. Compost started this one thanks to Michael setting up in the back yard
  3. Go on a date with my handsome hubby
  4. Spend some time with my girlfriends w/o the hubby or kids Brandi Carlile concert 7/11
  5. Pray more
  6. Exercise regularly with or without the girls
  7. Finish the two books that have been on my nightstand forever (In Defense of Food & Raising Your Spirited Child)
  8. Take more pictures well on the way - especially with over 400 taken on vacation!
  9. Make a few photo books from the thousands of digital pictures we have saved
  10. Organize the storage room
  11. Beat Michael at Scrabble completed 6/14 (280-238) & 6/19 (309-234)
  12. Learn to can/jar
  13. Be a guest poster on someone's blog
  14. Update the photo frames in our house to more recent photos
  15. Put some real research & thought into midwifery & what I want to be when I grow up
  16. Write a real letter to a friend or family member once a week a work in progress...a few letters completed, a bunch more to go!
I'll try to remember to update it as the summer goes & let you know, come fall, if I've accomplished everything.


Gina said...

Good list! I made a couple of photo books for L and he absolutely loves to "read" them. :)

Julia said...

i just put together a bucket list yesterday too!!! great list!!

Anonymous said...


Jackie said...

JVV here we come...we ought to swap. You guest post here & I'll guest post there. :)

Wanderlust said...

I like your list, and I like the idea of breaking it down into seasonal chunks. Canning is not that hard (at least making jams, I've never canned vegetables). I make fresh strawberry and peach jam in the summer and it is incredible. I make the low sugar variety and you can really taste the fruit. Love your buy local goal as well. Maybe I'll seek out fresh fruits from our farmers market this year for jams. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Great summer bucket list! I've been thinking about making one myself. :)
Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my breastfeeding and Friday Favorites/Follow posts. It's so great to meet you. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

PS Following you via Google Friend Connect! :)

Laurie said...

Good list. I hope you achieve your goals. I like your blog title. Very catchy!

Natalie said...

I read Mom-Nom's bucket list too and then created one that I posted...great minds think alike!!

Thanks for swinging by my blog - hope to see you around again!

Jackie said...

Thanks all. It helps to put lists like this in writing I think...makes me feel a little more accountable!

GlowinGirl said...

I like your list! I need to do some of that too -- pray more, go on a date with my hubby, read the books stacked high, write letters. I hope you accomplish it all.

Thanks for following along at Sugar Tails. I look forward to getting to know you!

Cheryl said...

The whole idea of putting together books of my photos is overwhelming! Eek! I take too many.

Thanks for stopping by and offering your support. My list got me down, but writing about my grandmother perked me back up.

The Robin's Nest said...

That seems like a great list! I just had my daughter put together her summer bucket list and was amazed at how little it takes to make her happy - which in turn made me very happy as I think we can accomplish just about all of it.

I guess I should make my own now. Interesting, something to ponder...

Mandy said...

Love this list... AND I think I need to steal the idea! ;)

Kristi said...

These are really great! I definitely need to pray more, make a photo book and update the photo frames in our house as well. Thanks so much for stopping by the other day. I enjoyed reading your summer bucket list. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud