Tuesday, May 4, 2010

...and we're back.

It's been a long few weeks, but things seem to have calmed down now.  At least for a while.

So first, a video of each of the girls & an update...since they are the important ones!

Cassidy is getting so big! She's talking & talking lately, which is nothing new, but words are getting clearer. She speaks in short sentences most of the time - although needs some reminding about it. We're so proud of her lately since "please", "thank you" & "you're welcome" are beginning to come naturally. She's still definitely two & shows it sometimes, but is starting to understand & verbalize feelings. The other night she was none to happy about going to bed & I had to take a deep breathe to remain calm.  She looked at me & said, "You frustrated Mama? I give you big hug...feel better?" Pretty good for two, right?

Kalea is growing like a weed. She had her 6 month appointment last week (yes, even though this week she turned 7 months!). Her updated stats are: 16 lbs 2 oz (50th percentile for weight), 28 inches long (90th percentile for height).  The pediatrician said she was just perfect for growth & development. We have to agree. In the last week she's found her voice & is constantly babbling. It's ridiculously adorable.

Michael & I are also doing pretty well. My work conference went pretty well & I'm glad it's over for this time around. We got some good & constructive feedback for next time around. We also got some not so constructive feedback from attendees who complained that we had the conference on a day that it snowed. If only I were so powerful to control that! But, I too was quite surprised that it snowed the last two days of April & into the first few days of May! I'm spending this week wrapping things up & then on to the next project - National Health Center Week (8/8-8/14). Michael has been keeping busy at work as well. I think, though, we're both looking forward to summer & a vacation. Maybe this will be the year we get to the beach. Can you believe that, in the almost 7 years we've know each other, we've never been to the beach? It's a little ridiculous.

Lastly, I'm trying to get back to the Blog Dare topics. Today is "Tasteful Tuesday" & I'd like to share my new favorite cookie from a box. May I present "Newman-O's Hint O'Mint" cookies. I am an Oreo fan, but these are better. Newman's regular Newman-O's are good, probably better than regular Oreos. But these are just fantastic. And they carry them at our regular grocery store too, not just the fancy-schmancy grocery store.  Try them!


The Drama Mama said...

Aww your girls are getting so big!! I'm wondering where you were that it snowed at the end of April? That's insane. I only thought that happened on Little House on the Prairie (for ratings, of course). LOL.

Beth said...

Your girls are just beautiful! :)

I wanted to leave you a message about having moved my blog since you have been one of my beloved followers. I moved it this past weekend and it is now at http://www.bethszimmerman.com/ I would love it if you would come visit ... and maybe even follow again. :)


Hello! I'm Kate. said...

They are soooo cute!!!Snow at the end of April-wow!

The Little Fishers said...

Welcome back! Cassidy reminds me of Felicity. She's so cute! You know, as I was reading this post, I was thinking about how glad I am that you and Michael moved in next door. You guys are so great!

Jackie said...

Thanks all.

@DramaMama-We're in Utah. The conference was at this swanky resort/conference center way up in the mountains. Beautiful, but snowy!

@Beth-I'll definitely drop by. Thanks for the update!

@TLFs-We're so glad we moved in next door to you too. As much as I wish y'all were still here, I enjoy keeping up with you via blog!