Wednesday, October 16, 2013

{lumpkins picking pumpkins}

Over the weekend some friends invited us to pick pumpkins with them at Berry Patch Farms. We hadn't gone to a real pumpkin patch since pumpkin-pa-looza in Salt Lake City so we were all in. This time Michael even got to go with us, so all the better. When we first arrived there was this (obvious photo opportunity) cute, vintage, red tractor to climb on & pretend to drive like a pumpkin farmer...
 ...while the girls also played on the wooden playset beside it (because OH MY GOSH! They NEVER get to play on a playground Mama! Like EVER!!!!) & we waited to catch up with our friends. I told them to make scary pumpkin faces. You see how that turned out.
After scary pumpkin faces, we wandered over to the next photo op, situated right beside the ice-cream booth. Clearly somebody was thinking when they set that up. I'm pretty sure I heard more than one person bribe their child(ren) to take a decent picture. Not that we were one of those people. At all. Also, it had to have been a mother who set it up to have the ice-cream AFTER the cute picture spot. Brilliant!
There was this really super cool spider web situated right above the photo area. It may have spelled Lumpkin. Or Charlotte.
Then it was off to the face painting booth.
They had short hayrides from the activities area over to the pumpkin patches. Michael & Cade had a race across the field. So ridiculously cute.
Each of the kids picked a tiny pumpkin & helped Daddy choose a big, family pumpkin to carve. 
Then we tried to take another cute picture. Because taking cute pictures at the end of an adventure is always prime cooperation time.
It was a super fun, fall day...can't wait to head back at Christmastime for tree choosing, hot chocolate drinking fun!

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