Saturday, September 14, 2013

{week 37}

Despite the temperatures reaching the 90s this week, the air is beginning to feel a little like fall. Mornings at the bus stop require a sweater & we've been able to open the windows at night. And all the stores have begun advertising pumpkin flavored yumminess. 

This week was pretty low key. We've been outside a lot with the nice weather - and discovering a lot of really cool spider webs & different kinds of spiders. Cade is quickly closing in on 2 years old & has begun to assert his independence & share his opinions. Lovely, right? Especially when I phrase it that way. Cassidy earned an "Outstanding" certificate for her classroom behavior chart mid-week, a really big deal. She started back up with Kilometer Kids on Tuesdays & Thursdays where Michael volunteered to be a coach this session. Kalea started Little Stars, the U4 soccer team, on Saturday morning. Both girls are doing really well and seem to be a little more comfortable with their respective programs/practices this year. 

We snuck a {maybe last} swim in on Friday night & had the pool to ourselves for a hour or so. All three kids have come so far swimming this summer. Cassidy is swimming on her own in both the shallow & the deep end. She is still really tentative in the deep end but will at least jump off the side or the board & swim to the ladder. Kalea has no interest in swimming without her puddle jumper, but in the last couple weeks finally started jumping, assisted, off the side of the pool. Other than that she'll just putter around the whole pool playing & swimming. Cade is pretty fearless - with the puddle jumper on all.the.time. He'll jump off the side or the board, go underwater briefly, climb in the pool on his own (sliding on his belly) & loves being spun around or laying on his back to kick. We're really lucky to have access to such a great pool in our neighborhood.

Saturday Michael & I went out for a birthday lunch w/o kids, thanks to a friend who stayed with the kids for a couple hours. Then Saturday night we loaded up the strollers & cooler to head to a showing of Brave at the outdoor movie night at Swift Cantrell Park. We ate a picnic dinner, heard a story teller, got to see some neat camping supplies & meet Princess Merida before the movie started. And of course there were glow sticks to end the family night out. 

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Pickled Blu said...

Awesome! I hated to miss that movie night...20 year reunion. I am old!