Saturday, August 17, 2013

{week 33}

Boy this week was well documented!! I did notice that four of twenty-eight are of the girls sleeping. I think maybe I just wanted to document them when they were peaceful. And quiet. And sweet looking. And also quiet. Did I mention quiet? LOL! We definitely have a household of talkers. Cade has joined the ranks lately and just babbles constantly with a splattering of real words and a bunch of unintelligible stuff. Michael commented the other day that Kalea may have a future in news reporting or as a town crier with the constant stream of things happening (and imaginary things she adds to the mix). He may be on to something.

We made it through the first full week of elementary school this week. Everyone was tired by the end of the week (hence all the napping pictures) but Cassidy's doing really well. She even came home with her clip on PURPLE yesterday!  The little ones & I filled up the week with playdates - a friend or two over at our house and a super fun messy MOPS playdate at a friend's house. That one inspired us to have some shaving cream fun at home later in the week and then - GASP - let them paint on the garage wall on Saturday!!! You should have seen the joy and surprise in their eyes when I gave the green light to move from the big piece of butcher paper to the wall while they finger/feet/body/hair/belly painted. 

I've had a hard time lately finding the balance between parenting and letting go to let Thing 1, 2 and 3 experience things on their own. And making sure to enjoy it with them. I'd like to blame the electronics (I admit that the iPhone is a semi-permanent attachment) or "things to do" but truthfully I may just need to LET GO. (Sometimes, let's be real.) Let them make a mess. (Let them clean it up.) Let them play together and disagree, then work together to find some resolution. (Is this real? Does that really happen? Or are your kids like mine & things just escalate until there's an all out battle. Complete with battle scars?) Let them decide what the schedule is sometimes and don't force my agenda. I know all of that sounds well and good and I'll try. Remember my word of the year, SPACE? Well, as the school year begins, I'm revisiting. 

Michael spoiled me on Friday, while the Cassidy was at school & Cade/Kalea were at Mom's Morning Out by taking me to the Le Creuset shop at the new outlets near our house. We picked three items to start a set of nice cookware. I'm so excited. SO excited. I also snuck in a birthday pedicure - opting for fall color because our weather here has been unseasonably cool recently. I don't mind so much, but I would like to get a little use out of the pool this month before it closes for the season! 

We spent Saturday morning exploring the Dekalb Farmers Market getting yummy veggies and fruit, then splurging on some delicious cheese, bread, hummus and tabbouleh for an at home date night.  Then we headed to my old stomping grounds, Apres Diem, for lunch. Quite a different experience from a decade ago when I worked there, but fun none the less. What a yummy birthday weekend! 

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