Monday, May 20, 2013

{week 18}

Week 18, which feels like a long time ago, kept us busy. We enjoyed the Kentucky Derby with mint juleps & fancy hats, had final soccer games & practices for the season, went to Cade's 18 month well child check (24.6#, 33" tall & just perfect!), the kids exercised with me - Cade sat on my stomach during crunches, Kalea passed out on the couch but Cassidy managed to do many of the moves! 

Cassidy & I attended her Kindergarten orientation mid-week where she got to see her new school, meet some of the teachers, check out a kindergarten classroom and get a little more comfortable with a new place. We tried a couple new recipes, including a seared tuna with avocado salsa that was in the latest Cooking Light. It.was.delicious! And then May snuck up on us and started during all that! 

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