Saturday, March 30, 2013

{week 13}

Lucky Week #13! We spent the week doing the following: ear check for a little man who decided sleep wasn't cool anymore (no ear infection, probably teething), mommy-baby boy day while the girls had a playdate after school on Tuesday. I registered Cassidy for kindergarten!!!!!!! (with only misty eyes, no tears! but oh my gosh!!), caught the kitties snuggling, had a hundred gazillion practice egg hunts in the house, the girls had their preschool Easter parties on Thursday and then discovered our engagement party & wedding pictures on Friday and Kalea kept exclaiming, "You & Daddy are falling in LOVE!!! Awwwww!" They had soccer practice & pictures on Saturday after which Kalea got to drink some, "later gatorade" while wearing her "shin gardens" (I nearly fell over laughing). Then we changed out of grubby clothes & little guy sported his adorable bow tie & headed to Macon for a busy Easter weekend. Lots of fun. 
Hope you had a wonderful Easter!!

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