Thursday, January 3, 2013


A friend recently introduced me to a new concept replacing the traditional New Year's Resolution where you choose a word that guides the choices you make & the way you live. She pointed me toward to delve deeper. I haven't delved into the spiritual or religious aspects of this growing trend but it struck a chord with me.

And I hadn't made any resolutions yet.

So I rolled it around like marbles in my brain for a day or two & couldn't shake the feeling that I stumbled into that conversation for a reason. And the word "space" kept coming up. So space it is for 2013.

A space & place for items in my home, the blog as a space to share stories, ideas, photos & my children growing with family & friends afar, space between activities & events so we aren't rushing through the day, week & year in a frenzy, space & special one on one time with each of my kids, husband and space for myself.

Just space.


Molly M. said...

Love this!
I'm choosing FOCUS.
Maybe I'll blog about it :)

Valentin said...

This is cool!