Monday, December 17, 2012


Three! We have three kids! 

I realize that this isn't something new, but some days I realize it more than others. Some days I open the computer around 9:30 am after dropping off Cassidy at preschool with full intentions of posting something to the blog and then BAM it's 9:39 am & all that I've managed to do is type in the title. I'm guessing there's some connection between the three kids & the lack of blogging. Some ladies out there in blog-land manage to do it, but I haven't figured out quite how. I'm still somewhat in the phase of if I get a shower today we're calling it success. For the record, I did shower...yesterday. And, also for the record, success includes keeping three alive, dressed appropriately, fed three meals + snacks, entertained, generally happy & playing. And I have almost all of my holiday shopping done & wrapped, cards have been mailed & my laundry isn't threatening to stage a coupe. Nevermind the state of my kitchen counter & puh-lease don't check the dust on the baseboards, however!

It's a good thing I have a smart(er than me) phone that takes pictures & can post to the blog or I'd never have anything up anymore! Two years ago I participated in the 365 photo challenge thing & although I missed a few days month or so here & there, it's fun to look back to see what we were doing day to day & to see the girls grow. So, (here I go with New Year's Resolution I'm sure to break), in 2013 we'll get back to blogging. No promises that it'll happen daily or that the number of just pictures posts won't very much outweigh the ones where I write, but we're going to get back to it.

And, for the record, here are some cute pictures of those super cute three monsters that keep us busy!

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