Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We had a lot going on the past few weeks leading up to Easter. In the midst of the egg hunts, candy & fancy dresses we did manage to make it to not one, but three, different churches! We're still on the fence about where we'll make our church "home" but are glad to have been welcomed at each.

The first celebration was at preschool where I was lucky enough to be one of the party moms for the day. The kids chowed down on Pinterest inspired lunch treats. The adults thought everything was super cute...the kids were just happy to have a party!
That Saturday we headed to Adams Park for an Easter Egg hunt sponsored by the City of Kennesaw with some friends. The girls all did really well & there were no shenanigans from other grown ups as far as we could tell. The city also set up a bunch of food & cheap bounce houses & slides on an adjacent field where the kids crawled, jumped, slid & played before we went out to lunch. We're really liking the events that the city puts on regularly. It's totally a family centered place to live & we're grateful to have found friends & a community so quickly...can you believe that Michael's been back in the South for an entire year already?!?

Then on Thursday after dinner we painted eggs...or, as my brother-in-law corrected me, dyed eggs. Apparently I haven't completely assimilated into the South & say it wrong! :) Cade was very interested in what his sisters were doing. He's definitely loves his sisters & thinks they are hysterical. He's a sweet, pleasant baby nearly all the time, but get him around the two silly girls & he starts baby belly laughing. It is hysterical & none of us can keep from joining him.

We spent Easter weekend at Gran & Poppy's house. Thankfully the Easter Bunny got the message that we were there & remembered to deliver our baskets. I wasn't in the kitchen when the girls discovered the baskets but apparently Cassidy didn't even notice them until Kalea pointed them out saying, "Look! They trying sneak up on us!" It's fun that Kalea is participating in holidays & traditions now. Both she & Cassidy particularly enjoyed the tradition of candy for breakfast!

And of course we had egg hunts at Gran & Poppy's too. Unfortunately my camera was M.I.A. for the first one, but I found it on Sunday for the second round. Cassidy ended up finding one of the "golden eggs" & you would have thought she won a million dollars! I got one picture of her holding it that kind of creeps me out how much I think it resembles me around that age. What do you think?

We hope you had as wonderful an Easter as we did!

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