Saturday, November 5, 2011

{pirates & princesses birthday}

Cassidy decided that her party this year would be about pirates & princesses - two things that she & Kalea play all.the.time. We have the dress up bins to prove it. I knew we would be cutting it close as far as baby goes since my due date was 9 days later but we like to live on the edge, right? Invitations went out, RSVPs for preschool friends and family near and far came back & I started ordering decorations and doing as much early preparation as I could. Well it was a good thing; brother came early. She only turns four once though, so who was I to postpone such an important event...8 days after her brother was born! I'm fortunate that my wonderful parents were in for the weekend, I have a husband who likes to entertain & in-laws who bring food!
The hit of the afternoon was the treasure hunt, complete with map - courtesy of Grandma Betty. We raced around the house & yard searching for telescopes, eye patches, jewels, tattoos & assorted other pirate loot. The kids had a blast! 
Happy 4th Birthday to my pirate princess, Cassidy. We love you....aaaarrrggggh!

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