Sunday, July 10, 2011

project 365 photo: 07.10.2011 {Sunday Schedules}

At some point in the future I plan to make a small scrapbook of "life in Salt Lake City" to help our girls remember things that we did, places that we went & people who we loved while we lived in Utah. One place that will certainly make an appearance in this book is Holladay UCC
When Michael & I moved to Utah it seemed a little daunting to find peers & like-minded people outside of work acquaintances, especially since we were both working a lot during that time. I started the search for churches in an effort to meet people & stumbled upon their website. HUCC was the first church we tried out & we felt at home right away, not even bothering to visit other churches before deciding to make it our home. 
During the five years we lived in SLC Michael & I became members, both girls were welcomed & baptized into the church, I taught Sunday school for the little ones, Cassidy attended preschool there, Michael participated on the preschool Board of Directors, we met and became close friends with a number of individuals and families and HUCC became a real part of our community. 
We'll have a hard time finding a place that lives up to the high bar HUCC has set for a church community!

On Sundays in SLC we commonly stopped for breakfast on our way home at a favorite, fast, breakfast spot: Over the Counter. We actually discovered the diner upon recommendation from my mom's cousin who lived in SLC until just a month or so before Michael & I moved there in 2006. 
Yum! More memories & photos to come soon as we get caught up on blogging & documenting the big move!

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