Friday, June 24, 2011

project 365 photo: 06.23.2011 {moving!}

new PJs!
We finally have a closing date on our new house in Atlanta! Michael will sign on the (many, many) dotted lines (twice, in fact, since he'll be signing for me too!) on Thursday, June 30th! We gain possession of the house at closing, so he'll move in with his air mattress & laundry (& the grill he's been dreaming of!) that afternoon!

After two months of waiting for one thing or another, we're all really, really ready for this part of our life to be finished. Since we needed to give our moving company at least two weeks notice though, they won't be here in Utah until a couple weeks later. But, it looks like by July 26th the girls & I (after a side trip to PA while the moving truck drives across the country) will be in the new house to join him. How thrilled am I?!?

Of course, that means lots of boxes to unpack, closets to organize, new pediatricians, midwives & preschools to be found, but! And, if you're up for some unpacking or organizing, feel free to stop by any time! I'm sure the 6 months pregnant lady with two active little ones would love it. Very, very sure!!!

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