Thursday, June 9, 2011

mmmm. my favorite summer pasta dish.

It's springtime nearing summertime & my taste-buds are ready for fresh fruits & vegetables and cold, tasty treats. In fact, I've been craving real lemonade for about two weeks. Fortunately for me our local Farmers Market at Pioneer Park starts this Saturday so, if the weather & little people in my life cooperate, I'll be able to give into those cravings very, very soon. In the meantime, I made my favorite summer salad for dinner tonight: pasta salad with tofu & mozzarella. It's a quick, easy lunch or dinner that is good the day of & excellent the day after for lunch either cold, room temperature or warmed. You can easily substitute chicken for tofu too, if you're soy inclined. (omg - I crack myself up)
Hope you're gearing up for summer veggie season somehow or another too! Links to easy, kid-friendly summer vegetable recipes welcome anytime!

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