Saturday, May 14, 2011

project 365 photo: 05.13.2011

superstars on the porch swing at a friend's house
We're lucky to have some really good friends here that have been helping me out, keeping me generally sane &, importantly, inviting the girls & I over for dinner every so often since Michael's been gone to get us out of the house & give me a break from doing the cooking, dinner, dishes routine all on my own. Honestly, I think I'd be twice as crazy if it weren't for their kindness. All in all though we're managing pretty well living on two sides of the country. Michael has been working hard at his new job, traveling some, and really taking on the burden of finding a house for us. We're chugging along steadily here trying to keep the routine as much as possible to make things easier on the girls. Not to say it isn't hard, but I keep reminding myself how lucky we are to even have this opportunity just at the right time for Michael's career & for our family to move back East & be closer to our extended family - & to have the support of his new company to do so which makes it a thousand times easier. In the times it seems rough I've said out loud to myself (yes, I'm a little nuts like that talking out loud to myself, thank you very much!), "If being apart for a month or so is the worst thing that happens, then we're pretty lucky."

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