Tuesday, May 3, 2011

project 365 photo: 05.03.2011 {ultra-cool}

Tuesday morning was our first ultrasound for Lumpy #3. I was a little bit sad that Michael wouldn't be able to be there with me (since he's in Atlanta & all) until I realized that, with a little luck & the help of technology, we could figure out a way for him to "be there" anyhow. He was flying that morning from Miami to Atlanta so timing was a little iffy, but fortunately there were no delays. By the time I was called back to the ultrasound room he'd gotten his bags & rental car and was on the way to work. I called when the ultrasound tech was ready to go &, iPhone to iPhone, we Skyped during the ultrasound! (Yes, he did pull over & park. No driving while watching baby wave, kick & tumble.) It was pretty neat to have him "right there" during the whole thing. Baby looks great, is just the right size, shape & is active. I think I've felt baby move already, but then again that might just be gas! Everything is right on track for a mid-November addition to the family!


Amanda Vroom said...

Congratulations Jackie! That is wonderful news : )

Ratz said...

beautiful... god! I am so praying this is a girl too. she will be the luckiest to have two wonderful sisters.