Thursday, March 3, 2011


Last year when Aunt Jenny was here, Cassidy got to visit the dentist for the first time. This week she went to her first real appointment. I love our dentist & the staff (honestly if you live here & need a dentist, go see Dr. Bliss & tell them we referred you) at the office. I was a little hesitant about how Cassidy would do, but she couldn't have been more at ease. 

She took along her own flashlight after I told her they would use a great big flashlight to see her teeth. The dental assistant used her flashlight to count her teeth the first time. Cassidy was over.the.moon! After they counted her teeth, showed her all of the equipment including the "tickle toothbrush," chair that went up, down & laid back they gave her a little dental mirror to take home. She was thrilled!

We left with a clean bill of health, 20 healthy teeth, new toothbrushes for both girls, princess sparkle toothpaste & a good dental experience overall. Hooray for the dentist!


Robin Maner said...

She looks pretty happy about the whole dentist thing. Kids these days are more excited seeing their dentist.

Timothy Burley said...

Indeed, kids these days are less scared of the dentist. This is good since it would be harder if they're panicking while the dentist is cleaning their teeth or performing a procedure. Dentists do a better job now in explaining their work to children in a kid-friendly way, so that helps out a lot.

Azrael said...

Visiting to the dentist first time is quite exciting and scary too.  Its true that teeth are very important to reflect your personality. And its god to know that child also enjoy their visit to the dentist. They also know the importance of their dental care.