Friday, March 26, 2010


Kalea will be 6 months old in two days!  Truth be told, that boggles my mind. Wasn't I just pregnant?

Anyhow, since the introduction of rice cereal for the first time on her 5 month birthday she hasn't really been all that keen on food.  I've tried cereal about once a week, but she makes silly faces & looks at me like, "Come on Mom, enough of this ridiculous charade.  Where's the boob?"  Today, however, I had the stroke of genius to pull out the mesh feeder. If you're not familiar with these contraptions, it's basically a mesh pocket that you can stick a piece of food in so that your baby can gnaw on it without fear of choking.  Works great with most fruits, especially frozen ones during teething. I loaded it up with a ripe banana & let her go to town. She gnawed & gnawed & gnawed. And spread banana all over her face & hands & shirt & pants & seat & table too. Aside from the hosing down & mandatory wardrobe change post-meal, it was a success - it looks like we have an eater!


Beth said...

Amazing all the creative things they come up with for babies! Josiah didn't like cereal much either until I mixed it with fruit. Then it was like ... look out world and let me at the food! :)

CaneWife said...

Aw, so cute.

Turtle was pretty much born to eat. The only baby foods he seemed to dislike were the meats (and really, who could blame him?).

Sara said...

Big beautiful EYES! So so pretty!

Sara said...
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I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hi Jackie!

Aww Kalea is such a cutie! We had the same food feeder for Ben as well! But I think he used it less than 5 times because by the time I discovered this gadget and bought it, Ben was about 8mths old then... way ready to eat mashed food already... I still keep the gadget of course, for future babies hahaha!!

You can read about my post on Ben's reaction with the Munchkin Food Feeder (

Thanks for following my blog btw! I'm following yours too! :D

Kim - In Search of Me in Mommy said...

So CUTE! Looks like bananas were a hit! Love the mesh food dispenser. We had one, but it didn't have the big handle. So it wasn't as easy for my boys to hang on to it!

I'm so glad I found your blog!

Jackie said...

Thanks everyone! She seems obsessed with bananas now, so hopefully this was the start of the eating trend.

And thanks for all the comment love!