Sunday, January 24, 2010

A kid in bed and a kid in a crib...wait, what?

So, after putting Cassidy down for her typical after-church nap, Jackie and I ate some lunch and were watching the video monitor quite frequently as Cassidy was crying and not happy about something. After a mouthful of yummy Swiss enchiladas (we can share that recipe), I check once more and I see nothing. Wait, where did Cassidy go? All of a sudden I see Cassidy walking across the room!!! How did she get from the crib to the floor? I ask this question but I still cannot answer it. Given the laws of gravity, I have some hunches but with no bruises or broken parts, I've not giving up hope that our child has been given the ability to fly...or perhaps she climbed out.
We have talked about the day that Cassidy gets a big girl bed for some time now and we decided, well, this is the day. We left for Ikea later and had some beds in mind as we had looked at them there before. The one that we decided fits her perfectly and she is sleeping in it now. It of course matches the rest of her furniture as her mother so well planned out in years prior (no big surprise huh?).
Before putting the new bed together, I of course had to take the crib apart and put it back into the nursery just as it was before we moved Cassidy down to her new room. This was the third time I assembled it and so I've gotten pretty good at it at this point.
Cassidy's new bed was a snap putting together as those Swedes have an obvious knack of engineering. I finished the bed just in time to have a quick dinner. Afterwards Jackie ran downstairs to finish with the sheets, sham, comforter and all things girlie. Cassidy was blown away when she saw her new place of sleep even through the trying out and purchasing process. I mean she was so excited at first glance all she could do was jump up and down. She quickly decided the next part of the night for her was to change into her jammies, read one quick book (she would go through ten books if we let her) and jump into her new comfy bed.

During this last process, Kalea fell asleep in my arms so we put her into her new crib right away. As I walked out of her room I looked at Jackie in the kitchen and we both could not believe what just happened. Two kids in their new beds and we both have empty hands. WOW!
We'll let you know how this new adventure goes but I'm sure that in a few days the new found freedom of getting out of bed at night will be all the rage for her, and hopefully not a rage for us.

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The Little Fishers said...

Wow. Tonight was Felicity's first time in a bed! She climbed out for the first time today ... Funny, funny. Let us know how the first week goes!