Thursday, January 28, 2010

4 months old!

Up until the end of last week I would tell people who asked that Kalea was 3 months old. Then, on Friday, I realized that she was nearly 4 months old. How in the world did that happen!

She's cooing, laughing, reaching & wiggling all over the place these days. Her eyes are still dark, like they were when she was born, but her eyelashes have grown in long & dark, just like her sister & Daddy. A few weeks ago Kalea found her hand & then her thumb...we may have a thumb-sucker on our hands. When she doesn't have her thumb in her mouth, she loves gnawing on her blanket. Her favorite person in the world is her big sister, Cassidy. Nobody else can keep her attention or make her laugh quite like it. She weighs about 13 pounds now. We have a check-up next Wednesday, so official stats to come.

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