Tuesday, December 22, 2009

over the river & through the woods...

Or, over the country & through the traffic, to Gran & Poppy's we go...two days until the 1st cross-country trek as parents of two. Cassidy will have her own seat & Kalea will fly in the sling with Mommy. I'm nervous - wish us luck!

We celebrated our Utah Christmas this past Sunday & exchanged family gifts. Cassidy made out like a bandit with lots of accessories for her new play kitchen. Kalea mostly watched the madness from her new seat (thanks Aunt Jenny & Uncle Mark!). I don't think Cassidy has even the faintest idea of Santa yet, but has started calling him "Ho Ho!" Michael DVR'd a bunch of the Christmas specials this year & Cassidy has fallen in love with Frosty the Snowman. I hear "more Snow? more Snow, mama?" repeatedly each day.

Happy holidays to everyone we won't be able to see this season. We miss you & hope you enjoy the joy of the season!

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