Thursday, December 3, 2009

3 weeks until Christmas!

Wow, the season has snuck up on me! We're really looking forward to Christmas this year. We'll be heading to Georgia on the 24th to spend a few days with family & friends. We're almost done with holiday shopping already (I say we, isn't that generous of me? 'Tis the season, right?), which is a really nice feeling.

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving here in Utah. The whole Stein clan descended on Salt Lake City for 6 days. It was a little cozy with 11 people in our little home, but we had a great time. Cassidy & Sean played & played & played. The rest of us ate & ate & ate!

I have to say that hosting Thanksgiving went better than I thought. Thanks to fantastic Mommy Stein & sister Steinettes, we managed to serve 14 people their turkey dinner, lots of vegetarian sides & some amazing apple & pumpkin pie only about 45 minutes after the intended dinner time! It's times like these when I truly understand why my parents have a double oven & tons of counter space in their house. We did use nearly all the space in that brand new extra fridge too. Great investment!

We went to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy, UT while everyone was here. It's a cute little place, just the right size for toddler attention span. It was really kid friendly & we all had a good time. They had an area where you could reach into a shallow pool & touch sting rays as they swam by. This, and the sharks, were the hit of the day. Cassidy had a conversation with each of the stingrays as it went by & we only managed to lure her away from the exhibit by pointing out the big shark tank.

Over the weekend Kalea had her 2 month birthday. At her appointment this week she weighed in at 11 lbs 13 oz & is now 23" long. The pediatrician said at least twice, "Wow, she's certainly a well nourished baby!" While most of the family napped on Sunday afternoon, Aunt Jessie helped with a photo shoot on to document the big day. She's starting to interact more now. She smiles back at you, coos & laughs now & then. It's such a fun age. Thanks to Gran & Poppy for the cute outfit! We can't wait to see everyone for Christmas in just a few weeks!

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