Friday, September 11, 2009

"eyes that blue should be illegal!"

That's what her daddy said when he saw this picture...this is also the man who, within minutes of her birth, made the announcement that she wouldn't be dating until she was married! She's getting so big - 22 months old already! (Don't mind the messy face - we had just finished dinner.) And thanks to Sara for the totally cute new shirt!

We've been enjoying the end of summer here in Utah. It's nice that the weather is starting to cool off. We're preparing for a busy fall. Since our last update Grandma Betty & Grandpa Doug came to Utah for a visit (during which we took zero pictures - how did that happen?!?), Jackie turned 30 (thanks for all the well wishes!) & we've been slowly getting ready for our new arrival.

We had a midwife appointment today & everything looks great & on track. As of this weekend the baby will be full-term so the midwife said that, pretty much, if labor starts they won't do anything to stop it. Crazy! Jackie's been busy hiring & training someone to take over her responsibilities at work since she'll be changing to a new, part-time position at the same organization once maternity leave is over. As of next week the new person starts, so that stress will be (thankfully!) lifted. Now, we just need to name this child!

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The Little Fishers said...

Cassidy really does have piercing blue eyes. She's beautiful! I can't believe you're already full term!