Tuesday, May 12, 2009

18 months (+ 8 days)

So, we're a little behind. But so many things have been happening lately, so forgive us!

Since our last update Jackie & Cassidy spent some time on the East Coast visiting family
in Pennsylvania & then Jackie attended a conference in Virginia. While we were in PA Cassidy had fun times seeing everyone - especially spending time with Grandpa & Grandma. She had a fun time playing with Sean & Elise too. (Or maybe the mommies & grow-ups had more fun watching them play?) While we were there she got to make cookies with Grandma, go to swimming lessons with Sean, Aunt Jessie & Uncle Derrick, visit Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa and spend lots of time playing outside in the backyard. We can't wait to visit again in July to play some more & go swimming!

Since returning to Utah, we've been able to spend more time outside - working in the
garden & playing at the park. This year in our square foot garden we are growing: peas, squash, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, cucumbers, basil, cilantro, rosemary, catnip, apple-mint, sage, watermelon, canteloupe...and a few other things I'm surely forgetting. Michael has been the head gardener, doing a great job. Hopefully we'll have a good crop!

The weather has definitely turned to spring & we're enjoying nice sunny days before the heat of summer comes. Jackie & Cassidy went to the park this past weekend to play. We practiced on the swings to get ready to visit Gran & Poppy next month. According to the video footage below, I think it went well!

Other than that, the only updates we have are baby. Jackie is 19 weeks along - so just a week shy of half way. We have another ultrasound tomorrow to check things out. We've decided not to find out the gender again this time, so feel free to start a pool on date, weight & gender! Jackie is definitely starting to look pregnant, but is having an uneventful pregnancy so far. We'll post pictures of the little bean from the ultrasound (hopefully!) later this week.

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