Saturday, March 7, 2009

16 month old fun!

A few days after Cassidy's 16 month birthday, we were feeling a little cooped up in the house. Although it's sunny & bright outside, it's also still hovering right around freezing - which means that outside actvities are limited. So, we got creative & had some fun finger painting with pudding. Mommy spread some old wrapping paper out on the kitchen floor, stripped down the little one to a diaper, plopped the pudding on the paper. Voila! Fun - not to mention yummy - activity! Cassidy was a little tentative at first about getting messy, but once she figured out what to do, she dove right in. She did a great job smearing pudding across the paper & even spreading her creativeness onto the floor. She used our basting brush to add some finishing touches to the masterpiece. It also doubled as an effective utensil for eating the pudding too! After we were done, she managed to grab one of the nearby towels & 'helped' clean up. What fun! (to see more pictures & video clips, click here)

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The Little Fishers said...

You are a good mother. I am trying to muster up the courage do what you did with Cassidy (I'll get there ... someday). Thanks for inspiring me!