Friday, December 12, 2008

our busy selves

Gran gave Cassidy some very cute outfits when we were home in Georgia for Thanksgiving. One included the shirt here...maybe she thought it was opposite day!
Normally though, we want to assure you, that Cassidy is quite content. Since our last update we've been busy. Cassidy & Jackie went to the Festival of Trees with some friends. Cassidy discovered the jingle bell necklaces & convinced Jackie to buy's been a constant source of distraction ever since! Here's a picture of Cassidy & her friend Matty.Besides jingle bells, Cassidy's new favorite pasttime is playing in Mommy's shoes. Jackie went to dinner with some women from church the other weekend & Cassidy took the opportunity to give her fashion advice.

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The Little Fishers said...

Those pictures are great! I'm glad to see you're enjoying some of the festivities around SLC. Cassidy is so big and I love her smile as she's "helping" Jackie with her shoes.