Thursday, January 31, 2013

{family weekend}

Last weekend we had a great time visiting Gran, Poppy, aunts, uncles & cousins. The kids spent some special time with Poppy learning about bird feeders & getting to fill two with seeds. Cade was especially excited to show off his new walking skills outside for the first time.
A handsome cowboy wearing Daddy's boots & princesses graced our presence for Aunt Betty's birthday. The princesses did a special singing, dancing & twirling show. Kalea got to help Daddy & Gran in the kitchen which wore her out so much that she grabbed the nearest rocker, pillow & footstool to take a rest - just like Poppy! Cassidy wore me out playing Memory...and beat me hands down quite a few times!
It was a beautiful afternoon, so before we left the kids played outside & wore out Daddy as well as their cousin Rachel getting wagon ride after wagon ride.
And, we were blessed with a visit from a local model & his gorgeous wife who posed for a photo shoot before we left!
We love our family!

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